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WEVIRO is a new-trend product using 100% natural herbs that are environmental friendly.  It does not cause any harm to humans, animals and the environment. Its effectively and completely deodorize any harmful odors and at the same time, treating waste which may harm or destroy the environment such as: living (kitty) litter, organic waste, waste water…  Furthermore, WEVIRO will decompose any organic waste into reusable organic fertilizer.  WEVIRO is a new trend of natural organic product from America and is now being manufacture as distribute by Worldwise Joint Stock Corporation. 

How does WEVIRO treats odor that causes uncomfortable and harmful from waste matter?  By the pH effect and oxidation reaction, WEVIRO quickly neutralizes waste odor, annuls it in a way that sulfur has no chance to become smelly odor.  It can deodorize smelly odor from harmful solid waste, liquid waste within 12-24 hours.

WEVIRO decomposes ammoniac gas (NH3) by the reaction process.  By alkaloid compounds extracted from plants, WEVIRO provides the advantage condition for bacteria that can create a nitrification from NH3 to NO3 (Nitrozomonas and Nitrosobacter) develop, thus WEVIRO decomposes NH3 and helps to transform nitrogen of organic matter.  Products after treated with WEVIRO can be used as clean organic fertilizer.

How does WEVIRO decompose methane (CH4)?  WEVIRO decomposes deriving methane by the alkalinized reaction. In addition, some kinds of anaerobe such as Clostridium Ljungdahlii, can transform methane in the anaerobic condition.  WEVIRO stimulates the development of these bacteria by extractions from plants and the effect will be seen clearly within 4 days after using the product.

How to apply WEVIRO decompose quickly organic waste?  Base in products combined with thermal effect can decompose or remove lignin, one of the components in the waste of agricultural by-products that are hard to decompose.  Base makes the structure of micel fibers change, forcing the decomposing process happening faster.

The deodorized action of alkaloid extractions from plants of the WEVIRO product Alkaloids is weak base.  Due to the present of Nitrogen, some acids can neutralize, some dissolved salt in water and then crystallize. In particularly, alkalinity depends on available ability of single electron pairs on nitrogen.  Alkaloids create a membrane compound that controls and breaks off chemical bonds of smelly substances and prevents the restoration of these substances.

Alkaloid compounds are extracted from plants are studied to destroy mould appropriately, malignant bacteria and make advantageous conditions for useful microorganism such as Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Zymomonas to develop quickly within 3 or 4 days. High temperature of rotted piles can destroy some microorganism, pathogenic moulds. After 4 days, decomposing process happens quickly to make to black humus, which is a product, created by decomposing microorganism system.

The effects of WEVIRO :
•    Quickly dispose all of harmful and smelly odor from H2S, CH4, NH3, SO2 within 12 – 24 hours.
•    Decomposing process of organic waste: short term (30 – 45 days). Living mass fast reduces after 4 days.
•    To create the thermal effect as soon as treating.
•    To destroy mould, malignant and creating-smelly odor bacterium.
•    To aid useful microorganism acting well.
•    Safe for human and the environment.
•    Organic waste after treated is used as clean organic fertilizer.

Advantages of
•    A safe biological product for users.
•    The product is colorless and odorless.
•    Multiple functions features: to treat uncomfortable odor + to decompose organic waste.
•    To create clean air.
•    To promote the effect quickly.
•    The product does not depend on microorganism as other biological products do.
•    Nondestructive to useful microorganism system in wastewater.
•    Easy storage and use.

Components of
•    Plant extraction: 0,13
•    Synthetic fat: 0,01
•    Base converted to NaOH: 0,1
•    Sodium: 0,1
•    pH: 8 – 9

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