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Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen (WEHG) Soil Conditioner|

Why use Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen (
WEHG) soil conditioner?

The agricultural production can not be sustained for the following basic conditions:
  1. The soil is not fertile enough to provide the nutrients for the growth of trees.
  2. The soil lacks the water and does not dissolve the nutrients to feed the trees.
  3. The soil lacks the air which hinders the development of roots.
  4. The soil is too hard which makes the root not to grow easily, and makes it hard for water and nutrients to be absorbed.
  5. When the trees' leaves and flowers sprout, tiny insects start to eat the young shoots and buds, which hinder the growth of fruits and vegetables.
  6. The soil which is usually fertilized by the chemical fertilizers that made the soil hard as well as more chemical fertilizers requested.  In addition it creates many kinds of flies, insects and wild grass.
  7. The soil is polluted because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  This will make the food unsafe and harmful for human and the environment.

WEHG soil conditioner is a product that will rejuvenate the soil to respond to the above issues because WEHG is a made organically, it does not intoxicate, harden and sterilize the soil, and does not promote bugs and insects growth. Besides providing the nutrients necessary for the soil, WEHG also increases earthworms count. These earthworms will make the soil more spores and thus, aerated, helping water to go deeply into the soil and prevent water to evaporate. Concurrently the aerated soil will help the plant root grow easily and absorb the nutrients. Moreover, the earth worms provide a natural compound containing a very high concentration of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. These elements are essential to the soil and with enough water, the earth worms will live near the surface.  Nonetheless after the cropping/harvesting, as the farmers do not irrigate the plants any more, the soil becomes dry and hard, then the earth worms tends to go deeper into the soil in search of humidity, thus making the soil more spores and aerated. It is why the use of WEHG will make the soil more and more fertile.

Moreover, WEHG soil conditioner gives birth to a useful ladybug. It is the size of a chopstick end, of orange color, with black spots on the wings, commonly nicknamed “the farmer’s angel” because it protects the crops. They frequently eat the tiny bugs that cause damages to the green leaves and buds which are harmful to the fruits and plants. With the above characteristics, WEHG soil conditioner is useful to all plants and trees life. In addition, WEHG increases the soil protein/nutrients concentration, doubling it in the second year, and then tripling it in the following year.

In today’s agricultural community, there is no substitutes for healthy soil. Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen  is a soil conditioner that was derived from the early biblical days. The product is a herbal soap that opens up the soil and stimulates the cleansing and healing process. When the soil is properly conditioned with the product, many benefits will be seen by the user, such as increase in worm and lady bug counts, improved seed germination, reduction of weeds and a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of the crop

Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen has been proven effective on all types of crops such as alfalfa, wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, beets, green beans, lettuce, soy beans, tomatoes, and fruit & industrial trees: orange, tangerine, peach, apple, cashew, rambuttan, litchi, lagan, sugarcane, grape, coffee, cotton and rubber trees etc… In each case, the quality was improved and the crop yield was substantially higher after using  Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen.

The best proof that can be offered on how Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen defies science is by the results experienced by actual users. Listed below are the results you should expect from the proper use of Worldwise Enterprises HeavensGreen product.

  • It loosens and balances the soil, and it helps to restore the soil pH balance
  • It allows the root system to expand with more hair roots
  • It increases the plant sugar contents
  • It promotes earthworm activity in the soil
  • It improves crop quality and quantity
  • It increases the percentage of seed germination
  • It encourages drought resistance
  • The loosened soil reduces water run off
  • It increases nutrients and water uptake
  • It promotes earlier maturity
  • Crops are dryer at harvest time
  • It reduces the weed and insect counts
  • It significantly reduces and/or eliminates chemical usage
  • Not harmful to humans, animals and the environment when used per instruction

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