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Descobond-500 is a permanent solution to a persistent problem, roadway failures...
Descobond-500 is a soil stabilizer formulated to improve road performance through soil bonding.
Advantages of Descobond-500 are:
1 - Higher resistance to rutting, displacement and failure 
2 - Lower maintenance cost 
3 - Lower life cycle costs due to increased road lifetime 
4 - Significant savings in excavation, transportation, disposal and labor costs 
5 - Reduces base and pavement thickness by increasing structural strength 
6 - Non-toxic to the environment

Descobond-500 is a non-toxic soil stabilizer that can be used for solid bonding. The concept of Descobond-500 is to provide an economical way to structurally stabilize an existing road from the sub-base to the surface. A wide variety of soils can be used for road building when using Descobond-500 since the product can be diluted to fit the application. In general, the product may be diluted from 1:50 to 1:100 with water depending on the soil used.
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