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Fruit Tree

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Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Orange, Peach , Cashew , Tangerine, Grapefruit, Dragon Fruit, Rambuttan, Guava, Grape, Litchi, Longan, Durian, Jack Fruit, Mangosteen, Papaya, Pomelo, Custard-Apple, etc.

Mixing instructions:
Shake container well before adding with water
Mix counter clockwise thoroughly

0.5 liter WEHG adds 20 liters of waters cover area 1,000m2
1 liter WEHG adds 40 liters of waters cover area 2,000m2
5 liters WEHG adds 200 liters of waters cover area 10,000m2

User Instructions:
Spray on soil: mix 1:40 ratio (1 liter + 40 liters of water)

  1. Nursery plant – spray on soil directly
  2. Newly planted trees – spray hole and surrounding hole 7 days before planting
  3. Existing trees – spray around the tree base area every 3 months
  4. Spray sufficient amounts to moisten ground
Spray on leaves: mix 1:80-100 ratio (1 liter + 80-100 liters of water)
  1. Spray 1 10-15 days before plants have flowers
  2. Spray 2 10-15 days after all flowers have come out.
  3. Spray 3 every 30-40
Applying on Leaves to reduce insects and/or for seed germination:
Take one liter WEHG and add 100- 150 liters of water
Spray on leaves, insect control, spray enough moisture
Do not apply during the sunny period of day
For best results, apply during the early morning or sunset
Do not spray on flowers or flower buds

For quicker germination and insect control - Soak seeds in diluted WEHG before planting follow:
For the seeds have the thin shell soak seeds for ½ hours
For the seeds have the thick shell soak seeds for 1-3 hours
For the seeds very thin shell spray on seeds only

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