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Worldwise Joint Stock Corporation is the manufacturer and distributor of Worldwise Enterprise Heaven Green (WEHG) soil conditioner, Worldwise Enterprise Environment (WEVIRO) deodorizer, Worldwise Enterprise Heaven Green (WEHG) seafood farming and Descobond500 soil base stabilizer in Vietnam and globally. WEHG soil conditioner was invented by Mr. Nguyen Huu Nam (President/CEO of Worldwise Joint Stock Corporation) and now led by Mr. Nguyen Huu Bay (General Director/CEO), in pursuant to the most advanced technology of America. The WEHG soil conditioner was developed and utilized in America since 1980s. The Products has been distributed and applied in Vietnam since 1994 by the research institutes, universities and especially the nationwide agricultural promotion centers. The product results a number of benifits for farmers.

+ It increases the rice productivity to 15%-20% after 1 harvest application

+ Increases productivity of fruits such as pomelo, grape, apple, dragon fruit, strawberries from 10%-30%

+ Enhances productivity of vegetables such as lettuce, water melon, tomato to 20%-30%

+ Industrial trees such as: pepper increases 34%, rubber 6%, tea 6%-18%

The WEHG soil conditioner is currently being used for the production of 100% organic cocoa. The program is being monitored by Vietnam Cocoa Committee and is achieving very positive results. WEHG soil conditioner increases the productivity but reduces the chemical fertilizer from 50%-100%. When using WEHG soil conditioner, it reduces a considerable amount of insects and diseases in the field and is total 100% clean soil conditioner, which you can drink. There are no harmful effect to human, animals and the environment. Vietnam agricultural industry is promoting the use of WEHG soil conditioner in GAP production (Good Agriculture Practice). WEHG soil conditioner provides sustainable agricultural production. It is safe, clean and sustainable while protects our environment. During 20 years of operating in Vietnam, Worldwise Joint Stock Corporation has over 600 agents in Vietnam and WEHG soil conditioner is present at most of provinces and cities. WEHG soil conditioner is also exported to Cambodia, Laos, Australia and America. The company now has export projects of 100% organic agro products manufactured by WEHG soil conditioner to the international markets such as Rice, Dragon Fruits, etc.

In the company achievement, there is a great coordination and assistance between the Agricultural Encouragement Branch and the National Agricultural Extension Center. The two agencies helped promote training in the GAP production techniques by using WEHG soil conditioner to the local authorities and farmers. A number of training models were organized at the local level to participate in many forums for the local authorities and agencies in the Agricultural Encouragement Branch. The local agricultural encouragement centers hold hundreds of technical trainings and seminars of using WEHG soil conditioner for farmers. This assistance and coordination has resulted a considerable progress and effectiveness. Worldwse Joint Stock Corporation is looking foward to promoting the use of WEHG soil conditioner to many ASEAN farmers. By coordinating with many ASEAN agriculture agencies and departments, we can provide technical trainings and seminars to ASEAN farmer to increase the quality and quantity of agriculture productions.


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